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om namah shivaya

Importance of Om Namah Shivaya Chanting

Om NAMAH SHIVAYA its just not a chanting. It is a multi-diverse. The history of this mantra can be traced back centuries ago. In fact its hard to think about a more famous mantra returns truly a large number of years and is the most significant type of devotion to the Shaivism group of Hindus.

Om NAMAH SHIVAYA mantra is a passage to know and understand  your own self. The mantra sound has a vibration which is said to be Extra ordinally effects on our deepest nature.

Om NAMAH SHIVAYA Mantra as in HINDI: ॐ नमः शिवाय

Om NAMAH SHIVAYA meaning lets understand the meaning of this words :

let us understand the meaning of the Om NAMAH SHIVAYA word by word:

Om: Means Before the Universe, Its existence there was void of vibrations and pure . Out of those vibration came the cosmic sound of ‘Om’ and then the entire Universe was started forming.

NAMAH: means to bow

SHIVAY: It means Shiva or inner self.

In ordinally Om NAMAH SHIVAYA  mantra, means “I am bow down to Lord Shiva”. In a way, it means bowing down to your own self as Lord Shiva who is residing in all as my consciousness.

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA  mantra is a group of five words , NA- MA- SI- VA= ya; NA represents earth, ma water, SI fire, VA air, and ya ether.

In exploring the suggestion of five comes up. Five, five senses, fingers, toes, elements, and so on… Lord Shiva is said to have five activities of the universe to create, to keep up, , to disguise, to pulverize and to reveal effortlessly. This mantra CLEASE our daily practices and activities in life, tuning them to the purified blessings of Lord Shiva, of the source. Our five faculties of, tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing, and hearing are likewise refined and filtered. The strength of the liquidity of water, the earth,  the hotness of fire, the vaporous and indistinguishable nature of air, and ultimately ether or the nature of the room. Chanting of the Om NAMAH SHIVAYA cleans and refines these components  of our being.

How does this Mantra Om Namah Shivay heal you ?

Om Namah Shivaya mantra temperaments your Ego and antagonism, it shows you the right path and mitigates worry from your overburdened mind. As per crystal gazing, this Mantra is exceptionally ground-breaking in reducing the unsafe impacts of the negative  effects of “planets” and limits there effect on your own character that sometimes you may conceive the impact of these negative planets.

How should you chant this mantra?

Ideally, you should recite this mantra as much times. You should sit with your legs crossed which is one of the Yoga position, with close your eyes back straight. As soon as you wake up in the morning, the first thing cleanse yourself with your everyday routine, sit in outdoors  in nature. It is perfect to sit with the reciting dots and serenade the mantra for multiple times.

What is the meaning of na ma si va ya.?

The mantra is said to be the five-syllable mantra, na ma si va ya; na represents earth, ma water, si fire, va air, and ya ether.

How do you practice the Mantra?

There is no such ritual or ceremony involved chanting with the mantra. Om Namah Shivaya  is a simple mantra which means that it can be chant anywhere. The only thing you need to be clear about is that you must sit in an easy upright position. You can chant the mantra while sitting on a bed or chair, at your school , office or in the car. 

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