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Positive Affirmations are Mantras

positive affirmations

Mahavir ji, has said our mind is a Mantra.  Mantra means are Possitive Affirmations one who earns power by repeating it again and again. What ever thought we repeat will gradually become practice. That will start to be that type in your life. Whatever you are in life today is the result of repeating some thoughts over and over again.

Modern day psychologist like Emile Cou’e or Ivan Pavlov who have searched deep and gave us a deep understanding of positive Affirmations. The Thoughts will transform into things. By repeating it over and over again. It becomes a league. If a league of thoughts is formed in your mind. Then the thoughts start coming into the results. Our mind is repeating the same thing since births. Our life is the result of our own thoughts. Mind is a Mantra. So, leave all useless thoughts lying around, Bad thoughts cannot be let go. But yes, good thoughts can be created.

Calm down and sit in a secluded place. Start suggesting a Calm to your mind. Don’t fight with any thought. Relax down and watch your thoughts. Like clouds floating in the sky. While reading concentrate on your breath, feel your inhale breath little down the navel and release your breath gently and smell the nature around you. Let free all thoughts leave yourself in the arms of time.

positive affermations

 Positive Affirmations are those magical sentences that completely cloud and reprogramming of your subconscious mind. If you repeat these affirmations for 40 days after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep, then our subconscious mind deeply absorbs these affirmations. What is an affirmation?

The word “affirm” means to validate or to confirm. In the world mental health, affirmations are of short and encouraging words of statements that you can built a more positive attitude of mind.


The development of positive affirmation theory has led to neuroscientific research aimed at investigating whether really, we can see some changes in the mind when we say affirmations in positive way.

There is a MRI evidence which suggest us that certain neural pathways are increased when people practice themselves a positive affirmations (Cascio et al., 2016)from any disease 

positive affirmations are like mantras

positive affirmations are Mantras


If you start searching into the world of academic literature, you’ll find these terms “affirmation” and “mantra” are regularly used together interchangeably. More specifically, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019. To understand Technically, mantras are kind of sacred words spiritual wisdom, divine sounds, or verses that carry more spiritual meanings than affirmations Frequently said aloud or mentally, they are believed to have deep impact on our mind and they feature a lot in meditation. Positive affirmations, in contrast, are described by the phycologist as brief phrases and repeated frequently by which we encourage positive, happy feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. They hold no spiritual or religious meaning in the traditional sense and can be used for many purposes. You can repeat the positive affirmation with yourself as often as you like — while you brush your teeth, while you drive to work, or before you going to sleep. The more often you use an affirmation, the more it can help reinforce your value and self-worth and it will bring a positively affect your behavior. With so many of us facing new challenges these days, now could be the perfect time to turn positive ness into our regular habits. You can tackle your goals easily

For example, if a person keeps repeating that “I am very poor” after looking at his present, then such incidents automatically start happening in his life in which more and more of his wealth starts being wasted. And on the other side, If a person himself. Keeps repeating that he is rich man and money coming to his life then opportunities of earning money start in his life.

Famous Canadian American author Brian Tracy writes in his book change your thought change your life he said that no matter what your family background is, no matter what happened with you in life. Only difference is What you think about yourself, what you feel about yourself, that determines how your life will. A man’s life is a reflection of his | her thoughts. Thus, a man becomes what he thinks. Popular American psychologist William James said that if you start saying well of yourself every morning of positive affirmation, then gradually positive changes will start coming in to your life. There are some positive affirmations for you, if you speak it to yourself in the morning for a month, then your life will be Will change definitely.

We all know that our thoughts write our future. The catch is to believes that he will win fighting the struggles in the game of life. On the other side the man who accepts defeat loses. The real champion is Our mind, the man who conquers his mind, makes believes his faith, nothing remains impossible for him. These positive affirmations play a very important role to convince our mind. The man who repeats these positive affirmations every day, definitely changes comes into his life. You can also speak and write positive affirmations according to your goals. This will lead you to great success and in your life.

Saying Positive Affirmations over again and again a positive effect starts in your subconscious mind and brings good results into your life and in your personality. By speaking these positive affirmations situation starts changing in your life.

Remember as soon as you wake up, first of all go to your balcony, garden or anywhere in an open environment and stand in front of the rising sun. Then spread both the hands and take a deep breath and close the eyes. Now repeat these positive affirmations in your mind and not only repeat, feel them inside you too. Do this for at least 40 days and then see how much you’re thinking changes in your life. It is said that human beings are made up of emotions and ruined by their own thoughts. This is 100% correct. You can achieve any heights in your life with your positive affirmations.

We can use these Positive Affirmations in three ways.

By speaking repeatedly, by writing repeatedly, By Listening repeatedly, write while speak repeatedly.

Writing these Positive Affirmations over again and again has a great positive effect on our subconscious mind. This speaking technique is of a good effective.

You can record Positive Affirmations and listened again and again so that these Positive Affirmations can go deep into your Subconscious Mind and starts doing its work.

Speaking, while WRITING these positive affirmations– This is A the Best from the above three way. This you write while you speak is the best. It starts effecting very fast and maximum results comes out. This is also my Best Technique and my Favorite method. I am also using this technique from last 10 years. I have achieved a lot by using positive affirmations daily.  I saw an amazing results in my lif


Some Life Changing Positive Affirmation:

Start Thinking “I am succeeding in every field in my life” every morning will make you start feel very positive and strong person. With these positive affirmations, you will start focusing better n better at your work. You will find new and better ways to doing things. Even while working, feeling positive that you are succeeding. This positive affirmation will make your task easier than before

Repeat this positive affirmation in the morning that “Today I am very happy and satisfied.” Feel the emotions that you are really very happy with your life and very satisfied. This realization will start signaling to your subconscious mind that you are very happy and satisfied in your life. This will open the best ways for you. And Life starts showing you a thousand and one reasons to be happy and joyful.

“My body is healthy and my mind is very strong.”  this positive affirmation sends a signal into your subconscious mind that you are really a healthy person with a sharp mind. This Will start realizing, your body to makes antibiotics for all kinds of disease. This Is a powerful positive Affirmation with the patient who are suffering from any disease.


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