Trip to London Tour Guide from Delhi

Embark on a captivating journey through London’s iconic landmarks with our experienced London tour guide from Delhi. Unlock the secrets of the city’s rich history and modern charm as our knowledgeable guide navigates you through the bustling streets and historical sites. From the majestic Big Ben to the serene Hyde Park, our London tour guide ensures an immersive experience, making your exploration a seamless blend of past and present. Join us for an unforgettable adventure as we unravel the magic of London, guided by the expertise of our London tour guide from Delhi.

London Travel my Trip to London
This beautiful tower bridge of London is a wonderful example of Marvel architecture. River Thames, who witness of many Mysteries and stories of Romans. Its a Lovely view I have enjoyed at London Travel my Trip to London.

From my Aeroflot days, especially English ladies I met always asked, “Harry, have you been to England?” I’d respond, “Not yet, but I wish.” Finally, the day arrived, and I explored London from the lens of a tourist guide, capturing the city’s classic sights, historic landmarks, and unique experiences. This blog unfolds my London travel tale, offering insights into the best ways to navigate the vibrant city, from iconic attractions to hidden gems and delectable street food. London’s timeless architecture and educational institutions left an indelible mark on me, and the warm welcome from Londoners made the trip truly unforgettable. Explore my journey as I delve into the heart of London’s charm, a destination that surpassed all my expectations.

Best Tour Guide in India

As I landed at the Queens Terminal of Heathrow London Airport. A Beautiful lady asked at me.. are you for the first time. She made my oyster card also helped up to the Tube Station platform and request another Lady passenger to inform me for destination . That lady gave me a nice chat, it was a wonderful experience so far London Travel my Trip to London.

Delhi to London: Unveiling the Charms with a London Tour Guide

Embark on an unforgettable journey from Delhi to the enchanting city of London, where every corner tells a captivating story. London, the thriving multicultural capital of Great Britain, beckons with its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse culinary scene. Whether you’re exploring stunning historical sites, indulging in world-class shopping, or immersing yourself in the lively nightlife, a knowledgeable London tour guide ensures an exhilarating experience for every traveller.

As a traveler from Delhi, I ventured into this bustling metropolis in August ’19, meticulously planning each day to maximize my exploration with the assistance of a dedicated London tour guide. The city’s free museums, historic landmarks, and lively pubs showcased London’s multifaceted charm. The blog, “London Travel: My Trip to London,” not only captures my personal journey but also serves as a valuable resource for fellow travelers seeking the guidance of a London tour guide. Discover Paddington Bear’s wisdom – “In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.” Despite budget constraints, this cosmopolitan capital welcomes every traveler, and the blog provides insights to plan a budget-friendly yet incredible London experience. Explore, discover, and make the most of your trip to London from Delhi with the expertise of a London tour guide!

Tips for London Travel, Trip to London

  1. Download London Tube App in your mobile which helps you a lot.
  2. Also Down load Map of London App.
  3. Make your program of the by your self, see the distance from one to other destination.
  4. Book your tickets on line as many sites gives you discounts.
  5. Have an Umbrella with you.
  6. Once you landed at the Airport, first get your Oyster Card for London Tube.
  7. Book your stay either with BNB or any other way check how far you are from the Tower Bridge.
  8. Carry some essential medicines with you.
  9. Go with some Tourist Guide to understand the place well.
  10. If you are visiting for the first time I advice to watch some videos at You Tube.
  11. Have some smaller bills of 5 and 10 with you.

London Tour Guide: Mesmerizing Lights of Piccadilly Circus and Soho Nights

Experience the enchanting allure of Piccadilly Circus as the lively lights create a mesmerizing dance in the evening. In the midst of this vibrant energy, you’ll find Eros, the bow-wielding god of love, standing proudly among the fountains. A stroll through Soho offers a unique blend of entertainment and history, making it a must-visit spot. Discover the hidden gems and vibrant culture of London with my “London Travel: A Trip to Remember” guide, specially crafted for Delhi to London tourists seeking unforgettable moments in this iconic city.

Westminster at my Trip to London

Ms. Fiona showed me old Chapels around Westminster Abbey, some old stories which might be disappeared from pages of history, and inside of Buckingham Palace, Finally she left me at Trafalgar square

The City of Westminster is the most targeted area for major tourist attractions and tourist attractions. London’s tourist hub, must-see attractions include the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Visitors can visit the Stranger’s Gallery in the House of Commons to see British government in action.

See Gothic Westminster Abbey is the traditional coronation and burial place of British monarchs. Other famous British figures buried here include Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Aphra Behan and Charles Dickens. Tickets cost 18 GBP, but you can travel for free if you go during the service.

Tower of London Beefeater Tour

The Tower of London is one of the top places to visit in London and meeting Beefeaters makes the experience even more worthwhile. Best of London Travel my Trip to London.

It’s difficult to say why this lineage known as beefeaters 🤔 But there dramatic stories about the tower of London is so horrible 🥺 even that night I saw few executions 😃

Beefeaters are the official Guides for The Tower of London, which also known as the Bloody Tower, is one of England’s largest medieval castles, a royal palace, and a notorious prison as you are thrown into a history lesson like no other. No more! Take yourself on tours, inside exhibitions, and back through the ages as you discover English history. Yeomen Warders are the face of the Tower of London. His red uniform causes quite a stir as he walks through the tower grounds. Tourists love to take pictures with these city ambassadors, but Yemeni warders do more than just look good.

The medieval castle of the Tower of London has a very interesting history, dating back to the 13th century, in 1214 when the king, living at Windsor Castle, led an army to besieged the tower. And in the 15th century, the prince in the tower mysteriously disappeared… Did you also know that the Tower of London is the most complete example of an 11th-century castle palace in Europe? A famous monument that can be seen within the walls of the City of London.

Mrs. Keren’s was an experienced Guide at London Walks, showed us Abby Big Ben and old heritage houses around West Minister. Old houses at Westminster with blue name plates ,time when govt has put window tax😄 reason why they were sealed. Her Lecture was like bombing in world war 2 at Westminster. on London Travel my Trip to London.

Hidden Places of London

Mr. Fabin the Guide took us to the Hidden Places of London, those places even the Londoner’s don’t know. I have booked him from Air BNB at London Travel my Trip to London

Tower Bridge is the Iconic

Tower Bridge is the next stop on London Travel my Trip to London tour of the magnificent capital! Built over 125 years ago, it is a magnificent monument to London’s skyline and, of course, an iconic bridge.

Built with navigable roadways to allow ships to pass under the River Thames, it is considered an engineering marvel! Visitors can experience the magnificent original steam engine along the Tower of London’s high-level walkway! Study the fascinating history of Victorian London as well as the coal-fired steam engine. With animations and digital displays to keep you interested. With the option of going on a guided tour.

If you’re really into taking in the beautiful views of London, the Glass Floor is the place to be. With stunning panoramic views on the West Walkway, you will never forget this trip. The floor is approximately 11 meters long and 2 meters wide, giving you and your family a unique view of the River Thames over 42 meters below you!

Museums of London

The History of the world is beautifully narrated in the “Victoria Albert Museum”. That Introduces the coming generations an old civilization of the world.

There are more museums in London than you can possibly see in one visit, and many of them are free. You can spend the day visiting world-class museums like Tate, British Museum, City Museum, National Gallery, Historical Museum, and more – all without breaking the bank. One of my favorites is the Natural History Museum, which has over 80 million objects, including specimens collected by Charles Darwin. It also has a large collection of fossils, making it a fun and educational stop. The Victoria and Albert Museum (named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) is another favorite of mine. It is home to over 2,000 works of art spanning 3,000 years of human history.

London Tube Tour

Inshalah underground trains in the city of London have their own system. Joe Edmund Saheb my Guide explained the journey from steam engine till date by showing nine stations, five engines, three gauge lines and four types of signals.

Enjoy and Explore at Covent Garden at Trip to London

Covent Garden, if it’s my first time in London and I want to explore some of the city’s most popular areas, Covent Garden is easily one of the best. You see, a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without wetting your whistle through the Apple Market, Nile Yard and delicious cocktail spots. Covent Garden is one of the most famous areas of the city with some of the best theatres. Neil Street is a shoe lover’s paradise with an array of shops that cater to everyone. Filled with restaurants, bars, markets and boutiques, Covent Garden is London’s largest tourist hub offering great shopping by day, and by night a destination for theatergoers and patrons of the Royal Opera House. This is one of the best areas of London that attracts many visitors and Londoners alike! That being said, it’s easy to see why… especially with all the delicious restaurants, walking streets and great things to do in Covent Garden.

Ghost Tours at London Travel my Trip to London

When the daylight bleeds away ,in the dim gaslight our Guide Mr. Richard took us on a” Ghost tour of London” Stories revolve around old Churches ,grave yards, mansions and theatres some abandoned places 😎

SOHO Trip to London

Soho: A vibrant and exciting part of the city that is home to an amazing array of pubs, jazz and blues bars, and the center of London’s gay scene. This is where many of the city’s fashion-forward residents come to party. Diverse, fun-loving and at times cool, Soho attracts a wide mix of people. Its history, sights and atmosphere make it a must-see for tourists and Londoners alike.
Soho is a great place to find live entertainment, exciting food and fascinating nightlife. Browse the boutique shops, relax in Soho Square, or immerse yourself in the West End shows, food, and delicious cocktails.

Soho is known for its lively and sometimes dangerous sounds. It has also been at the center of London’s LGBT+ community for decades, with gay and lesbian bars around Old Compton Street as well as a hub of fashion and music – particularly in Carnaby, which has seen the 1960s . decade.

Now, there are tons of things to do in Covent Garden and it can actually be quite interesting to pick just a few for your own visit. This is especially true if you’ve spent many of your other days exploring London’s best palaces, unearthing the best markets and discovering the city’s secret spots. Check out St Paul’s at Apple Market, Neil’s Yard, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Jubilee Market

Kensington: London Travel my Trip to London

.Kensington + Chelsea: The city is home to some of London’s poshest shops and luxury residences. It is also home to Notting Hill which has become a trendy and trendy neighborhood.
Camden: Known for being London’s alternative hub where hippies and hooligans walk the streets together. It is home to a vibrant mix of music venues, markets, eateries, tattoo parlors and boutiques.
City of London: The city is actually only one square mile and is home to some of London’s tallest skyscrapers and the Financial District.

Kensington : The tourist center of London, tourist attractions include Parliament House, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey. Visitors can visit the Strangers Gallery in the House of Commons to see the British government in action.
Shore ditch: Known as the creative hub of London’s trendy East End. Come here for the fine dining, nightlife, street art and vintage shopping.

Camden: London Travel my Trip to London

Camden is one of London’s most vibrant neighborhoods and is full of great places to visit. Camden Market is actually a series of markets. Camden Lock Village, Inverness Street Market, The Stables Market and Buck Street Village. They’re all a little different — but a short distance from each other — perfect for hunting down your next purchase at Trip to London

I love Camden Market because it’s like a little microcosm of everything to love about London.

Camden is known as an artistic and creative hub, so it’s no surprise that its walls are home to the coolest street art. In particular, the Camden North area has a number of outstanding artworks, some by well-known street artists. Beautiful Regent’s Canal is quite a hidden gem and one of my favorite things to do near Camden, thanks to the river views and peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Thames River: London Travel my Trip to London

Discover the best of Thames River excursions on your London Travels , boat trips, pubs and restaurants from Hampton Court to the Thames Barrier.

The River Thames has a lot to offer, whether you prefer a river cruise, a leisurely stroll around the parks along the river, or an exciting speedboat ride on the river. There are many ways to explore London’s famous river. See London while on a Thames River cruise or explore London at your own pace with the Thames Clippers One Day River Roamer Ticket. Alternatively, slip on a pair of comfortable shoes and enjoy an evening walk along the river.

There are many cultural sites along the river that deserve to be on your to-do list. Discover a wide range of theatre, music, film, art and dance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, the National Theatre, BFI Southbank and the Southbank Centre. Alternatively, get your culture fix by checking out sculptures and art installations along The Tide. Or follow the public art trail The Line, which runs along the Thames and the River Lee.

Greenwich visit at London Travel my Trip to London

Home to the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum, the magnificent Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, London’s cable car, the Meridian Line at Greenwich Market, Greenwich Park and The O2 Arena. Greenwich is a city in south-east London, located in the historic county of Kent and the ceremonial county of Greater London.

Sir George Airy requested Malika-e-Brataniya Queen of England to step down in the area of Greenish. With that step the line of the Prime Meridian was drawn. Then in this world, the rule of distance from time was folded.

Bath and Stonehenge

For thousands of years, many legends have been known about these huge anonymous stones at Stonehenge. How to reach here. Some people believe, it is kept by people from other planets. Maybe it is their airport. I booked my Tour to Stonehenge and Bath with Golden Tours.

Ms. Sandra was a very kind and a friendly Guide for Stonehenge and Roman bath tour .We have lots of chats around daily life in a family ❤️.

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