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Champa Gali Cafes, Address, Reach, Nearest Metro Station

A complete information about Champa Gali café restaurants and nearest metro station. Champa Gali is a hidden labyrinth.  Champa Gali, a Delhi’s hidden treasure, is located in the strange streets of Syed Al-Jab. The place offers the best combination of cafe, art and culture. like a street of Paris and little paradise of culture, food for young enthusiasts in Delhi.

Champa Gali has a beautiful outdoor seating, which makes it a perfect spot to spend the day with your friends.

Champa gali Nearest Metro Station & How to reach

If you are a metro person, The nearest is metro station Saket, very corner of SaidulAjaib. From left one can reach in ten minutes by walk. Better Park your car in the metro parking as theirs no parking space for Champa Gali, or luckily you find place on the road side. It felt like I was sitting in the quietude of a mountain village. If you choose to reach here by bus, the nearest bus stop from here is called the SaidulAjaib at Mehrauli Badarpur road. Take a cab from anywhere in the city of Delhi to arrive at the well-articulated destination of SaidulAjab

Champa GaIi address:

Champa Gali khusra is located at 258 behind Kuldeep House, Lane 3, Westland Marg, , Saket. This place is located at the end of a narrow street in the interior of SaidulAjaib. The nearest metro station to this place is Saket, after which you have to take an auto to reach this place. Some auto owners do not yet know the location of Champa Gali as it is like a secret world in Delhi. If you are traveling for the first time for safety reasons, make sure you have your GPS turned on as the roads are a bit narrow.

Champa Gali famous for: A complete Overview

A rustic alleyway in the streets of SaidulAjaib revives an old shed in a space full of life; Art, culture, handicraft goods, designs, tea coffee and snacks are intertwined in its community, this hangout offers traditional breakfasts and hosts a calendar broadcasting events live. From sipping the best tea to chewing on strong, organic foods. In the excitement of a sinful purchase, even the finest candies. that’s all there is to it. In addition, a lot of events take place here, such as poetry evenings, music concerts, book launches and more. Champa Gali has a roster of craft shops, design studios, a reading, and onsite. It is a pleasure to read and relax (you can even write, if you want). At Champa Gali cafes no Liquor and alcohol is been served. If I am true, the atmosphere here itself is full of intoxicants.

Champa Gali ends at a place where there walls were with graffiti design. The next thing your eyes saw was real! A long stretch of street with lots of small shops, plants hanging on the walls, a green cloth canopy tied as a shelter, wooden benches and people drinking coffee at different corners. Champa Gali takes you to another world. Does this place really exist? You will get lost in the alleys and glitzy labyrinthian of Istanbul. It was the place of such a dreamy fairy tale.

coffee shops, art galleries, and some organic good stores. The once harrowing area of SaidulAjaib near Saket has been revived and is now decorated with tons of lights, cultural decorations, fancy thematic settings and small seating areas that will surely give you ‘Midnight in Paris’. Will be taken to the streets and alleys. . A couple engrossed in conversation, two middle-aged men sipping tea and a group of foreigners chatting and clicking pictures Makes Champa Gali  awesome. you can buy some great unusual handicrafts from the art studios in the lane. All said this place is great to spend quality time.

Champa Gali Cafes:

Want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Come and enjoy at Champa Gali cafes and restaurants at Saduljab, they are amazing  and cafes are with beautifully decorated. where one can chill out with friends all day like playing board games and offers Everything You Can Possibly Think of. Champa Gali. When you are looking for a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lane offers a limited variety of cafes that are unique in their aspect.

PhoKing at Champa Gali :

Pho King, there ain’t no compromise with food . You get what you order for and we make every dish with immense love and care.

.As you enter the street, you’ll find Pho King on your left The café has beautiful blue furniture and is tastefully done in small lights. It also provides delicious Vietnamese food and is among the newly opened restaurants at the place. Café is Painted in blue and white, and beautifully decorated with lights, the place has Roman Greek color. Pho King offers authentic Pan Asian food. Try asparagus and chestnut dim sums, yogurt kebabs and summer drinks, this is the best place. Dum Sims was a treat for the palate and the drink was refreshing.

Jugmug Thela: Champa Gali

A special menu for you and your love to share and enjoy. Celebrate with us this weekend and be sure to try our amazing menu. At the center of all chaos is a rhythm that unites us. Here is a sloping backyard – a symphony of happy chaos.

If you know Champa Gali, you know Jugmag Bag. Let’s join BAE for a peaceful evening where you can sit down with their delicious chocolate vanilla marble cake pieces and sip your coffee. The place also has an RAD collection of books, so all the book lovers out there go to see something. Jugmag Thela – They are famous for their masala chai and shakes but, please keep in mind the long wait period if you are going on a weekend. You can also try their Pesto Sandwich, Hot Chocolate, Pizza, Brownie, and Banana Cake.

That sweet feeling of being together, living with friends, relaxing in food and allowing love in the air. We call this feeling Jugmug. Try this café. Meal For Two: Rs 750

Nerdy Indian at Champa Gali

Enter through the blue doors of Nerdy & get to the land of lip-smacking food, refreshing drinks, & an ambiance to die-for

Nerdy Indians are known for being fearless. Offering a free book with every meal for over Rs.500, this café knows how to win the bookworm inside us. The surrounding blue interiors, vertical gardens and fairy lights make Nerdy Indian the perfect place to hang out with a book and enjoy a good meal. Visit here in the evening and see all the trees shimmering which will make this place look even more beautiful. Order their The Most Comfort Sandwich, Dan Brown’s Brownie Cindy and Mar-Gi-Rita Pizza and just sit back and have a nice evening with our lonely B, a book!

Baari at Champa Gali:

Looking for a place to chill with your friends.
.With Insta-Worthy Interiors and delicious food, Baari is the perfect place
at Champa Gal

Probably never know how charming Bari Café is. The cool blue and green colors tied to plants and beautiful lights are a treat for the eyes. With mouth-watering food, thanks to the aesthetic ambience and furniture, a place that has pleasant vibes and mouth-watering food. Enjoy the Pizza Margarita and Mixed Sauce Pasta, they were both wonderful. The staff is very courteous and friendly. Tip: Be sure to check out the entire café first and then choose the one you like as there are three different seating arrangements!

Soho at Champa Gali:

Delicious food and great atmosphere this June, and you’re invited to this month’s celebration with live bands and offers, like 1+1 on their drinks menu! Be it a reunion with friends or a relaxing night out, this charming café is located in one of the most beautiful places in Delhi, perfect for any mood or occasion.

Enjoy Soho Bistro & Café With funky lights, colorful interiors, is another adorable cafe and a lovely backyard, Soho Bistro & Cafe is one of our favorite places to hangout! And when here, after updating your Instagram stories, hog on their Bombay Masca Sandwich and Foamy Belgian Chocolate Shake, all those things are delicious! offering scrumptious shakes and delicious sandwiches.

Blue Tokai Coffee at Champa Gali:

Blue Tokai Coffee is popular for their freshly brewed coffee of varied flavors, they used to hold brewing sessions earlier, but now their roastery has moved to Gurgaon. You can try their Pasta, Peri Peri Fries, Sandwich, Croissant, and Pancakes in food. Meal For Two: Rs 750

Four Seasons at Champa Gali:


Four directions is a newly opened restaurant with a relaxed swing and window seat where you can enjoy their pizza and past. Coffee isn’t bad too.

Social Steet Cafe at Champa Gali:

Head over to social street café with your gang and enjoy this awesome day

Social Street Café: this is the first café you’ll encounter as you enter the poorly paved Champa Gali. The quirky café has an instagrammable wall where you’ll always see people queuing up for photos. Try their Pasta, Pizza, Chocolate Shakes, Nachos, Mojito etc.

Morellos at Champa Gali:

You can head to Morellos if you want a peaceful evening in a tiny cutesy café. What more, you can take lovely pictures to upload on your feeds.

Champa Gali cafes :There backyards, you have a look of an open urban village and fairy-lit lanes with plants and wooden benches. These yards are ideal for impromptu poetry evenings, guitar gigs, music events, small book launches and similar such personalized events.. The young college crowd mostly visit in a group for poetry sessions or music gigs. The art loving people who visit for the handicrafts and art based amidst the serene locale.

Shopping in Champa Gali:

Jugaad at Champa Gali is an effort of recycle , its all done by ladies and kids as voluntary

Jogad is a non-profit handicraft shop where you can buy funky products ranging from flashy clothing to colorful stationery. Their paper products, boho accessories, bookmarks, wallets, diaries, scarves, jewelry, and hair accessories are useful gift items. “Jogad” where you can find some amazing stationery like notebook made of elephant and horse feces. This is a non-profit handicrafts shop and has a variety of handmade trinkets, books, handicrafts and bags.
Jagar Store in Champa Gali. Buy things while enjoying tea, coffee and a banta [local soda drink].

Liberty Village If you’re a fan of garage sales and flea market shopping, you might love this place. However, when you see them, they had stock issues, and there was not much to choose from.

Samat Chauhan This is a relatively new store where you can buy designer clothes, jumpsuits, belts, shoes, bags, accessories and much more.

People Tree is a designer studio which offers hand printed stoles, block t-shirts, khadi apparels and other such similar stuff. It also has junk jewelry, organic skin care products, and published books etc.

Champa Gali: How did the street got this name?

A coffee shop was set up in the urban village, they brought many plants of ‘Champa’ for decoration. Furthermore, the area already has a traditional country setting with all the neem trees, peaceful and serene. The streets are full of French tradition and there is a wonderful harmony of coffee and culture and hence the name ‘Measles Champa Gali‘, inspired by these two factors, and it is a beautiful photogenic. And most of the time, you will find people clicking on pictures.

so what are you waiting for? Get up, get ready and show up! Experience the wonder of this little creek for a fresh and peaceful affair in the heart of a chaotic city. If you are in Delhi and just passing your time nothing doing this weekend. Then go to Champa Gali once I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Nearest places to Champa Gali

Champa Gali is located near Saket in south Delhi. Besides Anupam P.V.R and I.G.N.O.U. You can enjoy 1.Qutub Minar and a heritage 2. walk at Mehrauli Archaeological Park. 3. Hauz Khas Village is also nearby to enjoy history lake garden and cafes are few other places to hang out.


    What and where is Champa Gali?
    The not-so-little-known-anymore Champa Gali in south Delhi’s Saidulajab village near Saket is a quirky place promises to give you a fine blend of coffee, art and culture. The street is lined with cafés, restaurants, clothing stores, stationeries, home décor outlets, and shops for quirky knick-knacks. The articles on the internet say that there is no better place in the city to think, write and meet like-minded people, which I would vehemently disagree with. Those articles’ writers must be virtual travellers who would have never stepped out of their homes to see real good places. I have been to France number of times, and I don’t know how people could get the vibes of rural French streets lined with alternative cafes and shops in this little dingy lane that finishes before it starts. At best, it’s a lane with some average restaurants and stores…… By Archana Singh

  2. Champa Gali, Delhi Overview
    Delhi has never failed to come up with cute little surprises every now and then. So if you are looking to drive away Monday blues or vie for a taco Tuesday or just want an endearing dinky locale to take twee pictures and post it on your Instagrams, we at Holidify have come to your rescue. This time we bring to you the latest fad in town – Champa Gali. The newly established locale is gaining momentum and significant popularity not only for its scrummy food cafes but also for its Parisian alleys and glitzy labyrinthian setting. The spot offers a rustic old-world charm and is a blend of itsy bitsy cafeterias, coffee shops, art galleries and some organic knick-knack stores. The once ramshackled area of Saidulajaib next to Saket has been revived and is now adorned with tinsel light, cultural decor, fancy thematic setting and tiny seating spaces which are sure to take to you back to lanes and gullies of ‘Midnight in Paris’.
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