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Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See

Trip To Nainital, in Nainital Tour Package, Enjoy its amazing natural beauty, tranquil surroundings, incredible valleys, sparkling gardens and mountainous scenery, offers 2 days of memorable vacations that are unmatched by any other destination. From lone travelers to adventure enthusiasts, to families with children for honeymoon, India’s ‘Lake District’ makes everyone smile with its unparalleled charm and magic.

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Photo Is Clicked from Ropeway

This untouched beauty of the state of Uttarakhand boasts of a magnificent location with Himalayas on the north and plains on the south. Located in the Camon area, the mountain station promises to offer you a unique and varied experience along with your 3 day trip whenever you visit this paradise. It is natural to please tourists of all ages and it has become a favorite destination for tourists not only in India but all over the world.

Take a walk around the old buildings, monuments and architecture to revisit the old days. , Take prayers at religious places. Take your kids to the amusement park and zoo. There is something for everyone in the city.

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10 Best Things To Do In Nainital Tour Package 2023

  • Naini Lake – Enjoy Boating
  • Tiffin Top – View The Sunrise
  • Tibetan Market, Bhutia Bazaar– Shop For Local Souvenirs
  • Hanuman Garhi – A Beautiful Temple 
  • Nainital Ropeway – For The Bird’s Eye View 
  • Mall Road – A Fine Stretch Of Shops
  • Naina Devi – A Temple By The Lake
  • Raj Bhawan – A Royal Palace, St. Joseph Collage
  • Kainchi Dham– An Ashram of Neem Kaaroli Baba
  • Cave Garden – Explore The Hidden Gem

Trip To Nainital: Naina Devi Temple

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
On Trip To Nainital , Naina Devi Temple is a Must Visit.

One of the famous attractions of Nainital trip is Naina Devi Temple. Dedicated to the Hindu community of India, the temple offers sacred and spiritual devotion to the devotees of Goddess Nina Devi and contains idols of three deities including Maa Kali Devi (left), Maa Nina Devi (center) and God. Ganesh (on the right).

Must Know Before You Trip to Nainital, Tips for tourists

Trip to Nainital Tour Package Price: 2 Nights and 3Days costs 9000/ @ 8 pax. Best Tourist Guide in India.

Traffic rules on Mall Road
In the months of May, June and October, light vehicles are prohibited from 8:00 am to 10.30 pm and from 2.30 pm to 10.30 pm, light vehicles from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm and bicycle rickshaws from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Lake Bridge Tax
The municipality collects toll tax on vehicles entering Nainital. It is levied on vehicles entering Tali Tal from Hildwani / Bhowali, while it is levied on vehicles coming from Kaladhongi in Sukhatal.

Parking is prohibited in the mall during the summer and autumn months. One can park one’s car in Flat (Malital), Taxi Stand, Toilet and KMVN parking lot in Sukhtal. In addition, some hotels offer parking facilities to their customers.

Organized tour
Kumaun Vikas Nigam Limited (KMVN) Nainital offers a variety of tours throughout the year. Contact Mountain Tours (phone number 235656) for details and bookings. In addition to the above corporations, many local approved touring agents also offer tours of various locations.

Winter in Nainital begins in late October and lasts until the end of March, with extreme cold in December and January, with occasional snowfall. April to mid-June and October are the happiest months in Nanny Tal. It rains a lot from the end of June to September.

Heavy fleece in winter and light fleece in summer. Raincoat and umbrella are essential in rainy season.

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Nainital, the hill station with its astonishing natural beauty, tranquil setting, incredible valleys, sparkling gardens and awe-inspiring landscapes,  ‘Lake District of India’ makes everyone smile with its unique charm and magic.
  • Budget and luxury accommodation available. Most hotels are centered around Mall Road and Bus Stand.
  • Bhowali is 11km from Nainital and is perfect if looking for homestays.
  • Pangot Village is another option near Nainital with budget accommodations available

Trip to Nainital: Shopping from Nainital

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Taste Bal Mithai from Mamu’s Sweets at Baba Heritage Market
  • Do try the famous Bal Mithai[ Almora Origin] from the local sweet shops. Try at Mamu;s Shop
  • Buy colorful wax candles in different shapes, Kullu shawls and woolens from Mall Road.
  • Wine and Beer shop is near the mosque {MaliTal}. at Nainital

Trip to Nainital: Tibetan Market/ Bhutia Bazaar

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Tibetan Market is a paradise for ladies lingerie’s

Nainital’s Tibetan Bazaar, also known as Bhutia Bazaar, is a popular destination for shoppers. Located near the city center, it is one of the city’s most popular street markets. There is a wide variety of winter clothing and delicious Tibetan food.

Spit and wax are the dishes you are eagerly awaiting. Bhutia Bazaar offers a wide variety of sexy panties, bras thongs etc. shawls, sweaters, mufflers, bags and other gifts. Sellers charge high prices for items, so improve your bargaining skills before you go to this place to get the best price.

Trip to Nainital: Snow View Point

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
On Trip to Nainital Enjoy a Ropeway to Snow View Point.

On trip to Nainital, give yourself a chance to get the best views at Snow View Point. A perfect romantic gem for both couples and honeymooners, Snow View Point lets you spend some quality time away from everyday chores. Snow View Point in Nainital is located at an altitude of 2270 meters above sea level and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the region. As the name suggests, Snow View Point offers a beautiful view of the mighty Himalayas wrapped in a sheet of milky white snow. From here you can see the three main peaks – Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Kot peaks together.

Enjoy the romantic walk while admiring the beautiful scenery. Try your hand at recreational activities like go karting. Shop around the various gift shops or have fun at the amusement park. This view keeps you busy throughout the stay.

Trip To Nainital: Raj Bhawan and St. Joseph Collage.

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Raj Bhawan, stroll around the old buildings, monuments and architectures to revisit the past moments again.

ON trip to Nainital Raj Bhavan and St. Joseph’s College, Capture the historical heritage that combines stunning Gothic-style architecture with its astonishing size that was once used as a residence by the British. However, it is now the official residence of the Governor of the state of Uttarakhand.

The Raj Bhavan is strategically built around an unusual landscape and is spread over a vast area of ​​205 acres with a golf course spread over 45 acres. The palace complex also has a swimming pool and a garden. This Scottish-looking palace was built in the pre-independence period of 1897 and took two years to complete. The architecture of the palace is Gothic and European style. Raj Bhavan’s designer architect Stevens and executive engineer F.O.W. Ortel was. After independence, its name was changed to Raj Bhavan. After independence, it was renamed as Raj Bhavan.

Raj Bhavan is a two story building with 113 rooms which the British used in summer. Most of the British VIPs and guests stayed at Raj Bhavan during the visit of Nanny Tal. The front feature is dominated by six lattice pits, which later benefit from the elimination of vertical spiers that previously held their crowns. The general impression is of rigidity and dignity without liveliness. The back view of the house, which almost suggests an English country house, is, perhaps, its most winning feature. The interior walls were dominated by a local stone, a dark gray marble, with local dolomite limestone. Just as the Nalvina Freestone was used freely on the exterior, the red sandstone from Agra was also used in part.

Established in 1897, this building took three years to complete. There are 113 well-appointed rooms, a swimming pool, a lush garden, and a 45-acre golf course. There is also a huge auditorium used for seminars, swearing-in ceremonies and other official functions.

  • Entry Fee: INR 50 per person { Take there Guided Tour}.
  • Timings: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM [closed on Sunday]
  • Recommended Duration: 2 hour, you can enjoy snacks outside at CRPF canteen.

Trip to Nainital: Mall Road.

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Walk in the late evening is a perfect time at Mall Road

The Mall Road in Naini Tal was built by the British. Today the road is synonymous with the city of Nainital. You can find fearless tourists strolling along the Mall Road at any time of the day.
The Nainital Tal Mall Road, which runs parallel to the Nainital Lake, the largest shopping, dining and cultural center of Nainital wonders, connects the two ends of the hill town (Malital and Talital).

Trip to Nainital: Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top is a very popular tourist destination in Nanny Tal, also known as Dorothy Set. A great picnic spot in its own right, it offers a complete view of the city of Nainital and the surrounding hills in the Kumaon area. Adventure activities such as rappelling and rock climbing are also held on Tiffany Top. The beautiful Tiffany Top is surrounded by oak and pine trees. Lake Naini and the Kumaun Hills look beautiful from here. Nanda Devi’s magnificent view can also be seen on clear days.

The attraction was named Tiffany Top after a luncheon at the top of the hill on Dorothy’s seat. Tiffany Top is also called Dorothy Set because it was built by Army officer Colonel JP. The officer lost his wife, Dorothy, while on board with their four children.

Trip to Nainital: Mosque

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See

Jama Masjid at Mali Tal is a land mark in Nainital. Theirs a large stadium in front and the car parking. Rs 100 per entry .Jama Masjid, located on the Mallital gaari parao near mallital police station was built in 1882 during the British Era for muslim around Nainital. Over the main entrance one can see Arabic inscriptions. The most notable feature is the mihrab where a niche shows the direction towards Mecca.

Boating in The Lake on your Trip to Nainital.

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See
Trip to Nainital: Boating in the evening and enjoy the view of the Nainital

Trip to Nainital: Kainchi Dham/ Pilot Baba Dham. Near By

Enjoy a Trip to Nainital Tour Package for 2N/3Days Things to See

Kanchi Dham is a famous Hanuman Temple located in the heart of Mountain range of Kumaon . This place offers the best combination of beauty and spirituality. Flowing along a river surrounded by mountains and forests, Kanchi Dham is a paradise for seekers of peace and tranquility. Dham became famous when Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple Inc., visited the temple in 1973. Going through a stressful time in his career, Jobs came to India in search of a place where he could find answers to his questions and find the ultimate truth, nirvana and wisdom of life. Jobs meditated in the ashram and returned enlightened. Later, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also visited Kanchi Dham in search of peace and knowledge.


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