Agarsen ki Baoli Haunted story Ticket Time Metro

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket

Agrasan Ki Baoli is a historical stepwell located in the heart of Delhi. The Baoli is not only known for its architectural beauty but also for the horror stories associated with it, it has gained popularity. Visitors can easily reach the site by taking a taxi or local bus from the nearby Rajiv Chowk or Barakhamba Metro Station. The Baoli is open for visitors every day 7.30 am to 6pm and closed on national holidays. When visitors climb the steps of the Baoli, they can immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring atmosphere that surrounds the place. The well is said to be bottomless, which adds to the mystery and charm of the site. Who knows, you might even experience a spine-chilling encounter with the supernatural! If you are a history buff and enjoy visiting offbeat places, Agrasan Ki Baoli or Ugrasen ki Baoli is Delhi.

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
Even in the film pk, Amir Khan came from some other world and stayed in this Agarsen ki Baoli a Haunted Place in Delhi

Agrasen ki Baoli an Overview

Agrasen ki Baoli has been around for centuries in New Delhi in silence, perhaps waiting as if drinking barefoot without wearing clothes. It was only a few years back that the Bollywood film PK, starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, hit the theatres, making it a special place in the hearts of every young boy and pretty girl. In this Agrasen Ki Baoli, our hero Aamir Khan takes shelter like home during PK’s film. Since then the number of tourists visiting here has increased manifold. PK proved to be a boon for Agarsen ki Baoli, as it got this place a place on the tourist map of Delhi.

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
1On December 4th, there was a very strange silence on that day, even Amir Khan was not there with the transistor. The bats and pigeons were humming silently. The spiders are quiet in their webs. The banyan tree was also silent. Nearby, a cat came and asked softly, Guide Sahib Horror King Tulsi Ramsay is no more.” Used to make many horror films “🤣Be peace upon him

Agarsen ki Baoli or Ugrasen ki Baoli, History.

Those who know deeply the history of the object. They believe that Agarsen ki Baoli is one of the oldest monuments and the best preserved in Central Delhi. This terraced well complex built in stone, which was once a reservoir, is a splendid piece of splendid architecture and ancient engineering feats. It is built on Hailey Lane, near Agrasen ki Baoli Hailey Road. Agarsen ki Baoli or Ugrasen ki Baoli, it is now a historical attraction. This stepwell has a beautiful pattern of different classifications of local stones and rocks. And perhaps that is its aesthetic attraction.

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Agarsen ki Baoli must have been like a women’s club in those days where they would share household things with each other

Agarsen ki baoli is actually an ancient water reservoir. This stepwell, at the depth of the ground, stands on about 103 steps made of stone. Nestled amidst the commercial towers and residential apartments of central Delhi, Agrasen ki Baoli is a quiet place and a major attraction for photography enthusiasts. After a while, its structure, the old brick stone walls take you back in history, and when you walk down the stairs you will start to feel the temperature drop. Who built Agrasen ki Baoli and when, I don’t know any solid history for this. According to many historians, this staircase was built by the great king Agrasen in about 3000 BC. The structure of Agrasen ki Baoli is quite impressive considering that the structure is 15 meters wide and 60 meters long, which is believed to have been built sometime during the time of Mahabharata. For more information contact Harry Best Delhi Tour Guide

This reservoir Agarsen ki Baoli still fulfills its original role, as the bottom of the terraced well can sometimes be seen submerged in water. This reservoir is considered an important community place where women gather and spend time away from the summer heat. The cells of the stepwell were also used for rituals and religious ceremonies.

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
Agarsen ki baoli Being a social center, the village fair would also be held something like this

Situated on the south-west side of its Agarsen ki Baoli is a mosque which rests on four pillars with a heavy stone on the roof. This small mosque is meant to accommodate perhaps ten to twenty people. It secretly indicates that there used to be a small residential village or town here. An elderly cleric of this mosque must also have lived near this mosque. Even small children must have come under the pretext of madrassa. There must have been a Pir’s fair on the outside too.

Agarsen ki Baoli Haunted Story

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
There are Many Haunted story of Agarsen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli Architecture

The architectural form of a baoli mainly consists of three elements including the well in which the water is collected, if there are flights to reach the groundwater through several stages to reach the ground water. Through many stories, the stepwells have a history that goes back many centuries. The huge bath at Mohenjodaro, which was built more than 4000 years ago, can be considered a form of stepwell as it includes steps.

However, it is believed that it was probably constructed by King Agrasen during the time of Mahabharata, as the name suggests. It was rebuilt by the Agrawals in the 14th century, and has its origins in Maharaja Agrasen, the mosque of Agarsen ki Baoli, on the west side of this attraction. On the west side is a mosque with three entrances. It is on a solid high plinth with underground passageways on the sides. In its architecture, the roof ‘like the back of a whale fish’, the combined pillar of four pillars with carvings of ‘chaitya figure’ gives it a uniqueness. Although the roof of the mosque has fallen and the pillars of the mosque are still there and they contain Buddhist sculptures of a chaitya. These sandstone pillars are different from the general design of the mosque. The architecture of Agrasen ki Baoli, this 108-stairs is the only one of its kind in Delhi. There are three levels in this Agrasen ki Baoli. Each level is surrounded by arches, with steps descending slowly to the ground. These stages are built on three levels, each serving as a landing where common people can sit and relax. In turn, these levels resemble arched stone sculptures connected with each other in beautiful symmetry. Its architectural and architectural style states that it was once again rebuilt during the Tughlaq period.

Agrasen ki Baoli Haunted place in Delhi

The story of Agrasen ki Baoli, its haunted story is still shrouded in mystery and it is not confirmed who was behind its construction. ki Baoli was deserted for centuries. Jasmine’s creepy dialogue “Yes I like Haunting Places ” bears testimony to the anecdotes to be narrated on this Baoli

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
Graffiti outside agrasen ki baoli, seems haunted yet pity

In childhood, while passing by my father said that ghosts lives here. If you do not do well, then I will leave you here near this. It eats the children who do evil. This story had its effect for two or four days. Growing up, bunked from school and roamed every corner of Connaught Place, but never had the courage to come near this stepwell.

Why Agrasen ki Baoli is Haunted?

Agarsen ki Baoli is quite famous for its haunting tales and incidents. Many believe it to be haunted and it has been the center of many paranormal activities. We know that in the olden days, people used to keep their deposits of gold, jewelry, money at home and suppress them by making their sign in such safe places. It may be that there is a special reason for the stories in giving shape to the feeling of the place. Agarsen ki Baoli is quite famous for its haunting stories and incidents. Many believe it to be haunted and it has been the center of many paranormal activities. We know that in the olden days, people used to keep their deposits of gold, jewelry, money at home and suppress them by making their sign in such safe places. It may be that there is a special reason for the stories in giving shape to the feeling of the place.

Agrasen ki Baoli Haunted Story

One winter evening, a young man driving on his Vespa scooter, a red-black clad girl, who asked, waved her hand as she looked for a lift at Mandi House to drop her off near her home on Hailey Road . The man offered the young woman to sit on his Vespa. She gently holds him from behind. She asks him to drop her off at the corner of Main Street of Haley Road. She walks and slowly and disappears into the street, as the young man said in his mind in the evening, just to see where she lives, to meet again and be friends in the future as Usually happens at first sight. Ten minutes later he went to the dimly lit road Agarsen ki Baoli but there was no sign of any passer-by. He got a little curious, the next day when he looked for the same woman and he visited the street and asked a washer man about the woman he had left here last night. He replied that we do not know of such a woman. But many people asked about him.

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
An old photo filled with haunting water in the of Agrasen ki Baoli

The elders said that the well of Agrasen ki Baoli was once filled with mysterious dark green water. Hypnotized people to get closer and then silently forced them to jump to commit suicide. Whoever jumped, hardly survived, some of them were not even found dead. In modern times, it is said that this place casts a black magic on the visitors who stay at this place after sunset. The presence of several nocturnal creatures such as cats, wild pigeons, bats, large lizards, thick-bodied spiders and owls sitting comfortably in nets adds to the strange and mysterious part of this place.

Agarsen ki Baoli Walk Haunted story Time Metro Ticket
Old people know that once the legs used to walk from Connaught Place to Sadar Paharganj.

Not long ago, a tonga driver on his way back to his stand in Paharganj, while passing through the street under yellow dim street lights, realized that his horse suddenly stopped in front of Agarsen ki baoli and was making some strange noises. He did not know anything and the horse started jumping with both his front legs. After half an hour of effort he was finally able to calm his horse. The next morning, he found that his horse was not doing well today. He thought the horse was tired last night and saw some blood stains on the horse’s shoes. He went to the vet and found out that the blood was not horse’s blood. Within a few days the horse died. After Friday prayers he went and sat beside a Sufi and narrated his past condition with sad heart, Sufi looked at him and closed his eyes and said few words and said that someone has saved you from an evil spirit .

According to a media report in 2007, there was an incident of suicide in this stepwell. At that time the depth of the water must have been 4 to 5 feet. There are strange sounds here at night, so the visitors are never allowed to stay here after dark. These interesting incidents, haunted or not, probably make up for the stories and make this stepwell even more exciting.

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Facts about Agarsen ki Baoli and Stepwells in India:

Water has always played an important role in the daily life of every person. The need to tap rainwater to store groundwater and make it accessible to the human population has led to the construction of many tanks, wells and stepwells, which have also become an icon of art and architecture of the local people.
We hear stories of kings leaving their places due to paucity of water, Fatehpur Sikri and Tughlakabad being good examples, most of the kings established their capital on the banks of rivers. Delhi has the Yamuna River, and has been the capital seven times. At one time there were about 100 stepwells in Delhi, of which only thirty have survived. Many were lost over the years, while some were discovered and restored.
A baoli is a reservoir in which water can be stored. It is also a source of ground water. Several ponds and stepwells were commissioned by the ruling clans in which the water was mainly collected during the rainy season and then used by the people of the neighborhood throughout the year.
Separate stepwells were constructed for drinking and bathing. Stepwells were often built near mosques and temples. People bathed and bathed before Namaz. Some Hindu ceremonies were performed in the stepwells by women, who prayed here and offered their prasad.
As the name suggests, there is a series of step wells to enable access to water during the summer if the water level goes down. In India, stepwells are found mainly in the arid northwestern region due to water scarcity.

Agarsen ki Baoli The nearest metro station is Bharakhamba and Rajiv Chowk

It is also very close to other important site of Delhi like India Gate.If Want to know more about this historical stepwell Agrasen ki Baoli its haunted story, timings, entry fee, and other interesting details Tour Guide in Delhi contact no: +919811500757 Facebook: Go With Harry

Agrasen ki Baoli Information: Quick Look:

Location Phone no.Hailey Road, Hailey Lane near[ dhobi ghat] New Delhi. 011 2535 6748
TypeOld Stepwell
Also Known asUgrasen ki Baoli
Timings7:00 am to 6:00 pm, every day. Check Govt Holidays
Ticket Agrasen ki Baoli Ticket is Free
Still/Video CameraFree
Nearest Metro StationsJanpath (Violet Line), Barakhamba (Blue Line), Rajiv Chowk (Blue and Yellow Lines)
Architectural StyleHindu
Commissioned byMaharaja Agrasen
Year of ConstructionOriginally built during the reign of Legendary King Maharaja Agrasen and was rebuilt in the 14th century
Dimensions60 meters (length) x 15 meters (width)
Material UsedAn assortment of local rocks and stones
StatusA protected monument under the aegis of the Archaeological Survey of India. At present no wash room.
Best Time to VisitMorning and Noon hours

Place to Visit Near BY: Gurdwara Bangla Sahib and Janpath Market Connaught Place.


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  2. Agrsen ki baoli is Crowded with young couples

    Agrasen ki Baoli another reviw by [ Leamigo ]

    Have you watched Indian movie PK?
    You can see Agrasen ki Baoli in this movie.
    This stepwell is always crowded with young people, especially couples.
    There are many stepwells all over India, some which are entitled to the world heritage.
    Stepwells used to be essential to life in the driest parts of India. Indian people developed a method of gaining access to clean, and fresh groundwater during the dry season for drinking, bathing, watering animals, and irrigation. Stepwells are often architecturally complex and vary widely in size and shape.
    Agrasen ki Baoli is not so wide as the one in Ahmedabad but you can spend very happy time there.
    If you have chance to go to Connaught place in Delhi, you’d better visit this place.

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