Janpath Market-Enjoy Colorful Chaos of Shopping Near Metro

Welcome to Janpath Market CP Delhi – a shopaholic’s paradise in the heart of the city! Nestled in the bustling Connaught Place area, Janpath Market is a vibrant and must-visit destination for shoppers in Delhi. This popular market offers an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary products, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Janpath Market C P Delhi is known for its wide range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, handicrafts, home decor, footwear, and much more. It’s a treasure trove of unique finds, where you can discover traditional Indian garments, exquisite jewelry, colorful textiles, and trendy fashion pieces.

Janpath Market CP Delhi Famous For/ Best Tips Reach Time

What sets Janpath Market apart is its affordable prices and bargaining culture. This is the place where you can put your haggling skills to the test and score great deals on your purchases. The market is a melting pot of cultures, with vendors from various regions of India showcasing their products.

Aside from shopping, Janpath Market is also a hub for street food lovers. You can treat your taste buds to delicious local snacks, chaats, and refreshing beverages while exploring the market’s vibrant lanes.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a souvenir collector, or simply seeking a memorable shopping experience, Janpath Market C.P, Delhi has it all. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere, interact with friendly shopkeepers, and explore the endless array of products waiting to be discovered. Don’t miss the chance to visit this iconic market and indulge in the vibrant spirit of Delhi’s shopping scene

Janpath Market in C.P. Famous For

Flea Market at Janpath Market in C.P. – This section is completely dedicated to the latest accessories where you can find beautiful jewelry, clothes, fine clothes and designer bags. Sometimes the variety of accessories available here can be a bit overwhelming for you!


At Janpath C.P. Delhi is the place to go for pocket-friendly jewelry pieces, trendy fashion wear, traditional gifts, handicrafts and much more. Janpath Market has also many famous food and drink shops to eat. So, if you are planning to spend a day out for fun at Janpath, here is your ultimate guide.

One of the famous markets of New Delhi, Janpath Market attracts tourists from all over the world. The Gujarati market and the Tibetan market are the two main markets that make up the Janpath market in Delhi. It is located at Janpath and very close to Connaught Place in New Delhi. Apart from the above markets, you will also find stalls on the footpath. If you enter the market, you will see an array of shops where vendors bring in fresh items such as clothing, accessories, shoes and more. Famous for artefacts, Gujarati handicrafts. Pillows, Gujarati style. bags, decorations and more. Entering Janpath Market CP Delhi, you won’t find a cluster of junk jewelery stalls on your right, there are about five of them. Stop by to find a plethora of accessories, from earrings and neckpieces to matha patties and mang tikkas. Best Delhi Tour Guide.

Janpath Market C.P. Delhi Gujrati Market

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You can go to Gujarati market. Apart from art items, you can also buy authentic raw work items which is a real deal here. Some of the best things that most travelers choose to buy from the kiosk are incense, quirky jewelry and gifts, fashion accessories, perfumes, silver and junk, Lucknowi chikankari clothes, pashmina shawls, jewelery boxes, bags, shoes and much more. On the other side of the market you will also find variety of fruits and local produce. Across the street, along Main Street, Janpath is an incredibly eclectic market where you can find something interesting (even if you’re barely looking). From Tibetan markets and Gujarati markets to fancy stores and flea markets, here’s what you’ll find in this amazing market.

The end point of Tibetan Bazaar marks the beginning of Gujarati Bazaar. It is said to be a vibrant bazaar, where you will find the presence of Gujarati small-scale artisans and women selling tablecloths, wall hangings, handicrafts and other items. If you are a lover of pure traditional wear, this section is ready for you to find your favorite styles of scarves, lehengas, zari border sarees and cholis, sold at very affordable prices.

Tibetan near Janpath Market CP Delhi

As you start exiting the Tibet metro station, you will find a line of shops. If you are looking for some authentic accessories to pair with your ethnic wear, then this street is for you.

Apart from the antique jewellery, you have colorful beads, precious stones, brass sculptures of gods and goddesses, beautiful paintings to pick up here. Buddhist sculptures and paintings are the main attractions of this section where you get to see the different stages of the life journey of Buddha and other lamas. You can also enjoy Majnu ka Tilla Tibetian Market near North Campus

Janpath Market CP Restaurants

There are many eateries and cafes that serve delicious food. Relax for a quick snack or snack at one of the restaurants.

Janpath Market CP Delhi Famous For/ Best Tips Reach Time

Eat until you’re full – if you want to visit every single vendor unit here at Janpath Market CP Delhi, you’ll need to fuel your body on the go.

Where to eat at Janpath Market?

Depauls: A visit to Janpath is incomplete without having a cold coffee at Depaul’s. The small joint dates back to 1952 and serves a variety of some of the best cold brew coffees in Delhi at affordable prices in flavors like caramel, hazelnut and Irish cream. Apart from coffee, this place also serves delicious cheese balls, sandwiches and momos.

Sarvana Bhavan: This is one of the best places to taste authentic Sarvana Bhavan South Indian cuisine in Delhi. The place is always packed with diners, especially families. You may have to wait in line to get a table.
Prince Chaat Corner: If you are in the mood for some tangy chaat, Prince Chaat Corner will have you sorted. Here you can try papri chaat, aloo chaat, aloo tikki, sabo dana tikki, samosa chaat, palak papdi chaat, aloo tokari, raj kachori and many more.

Bhogal Chole Bhatore Wala: Forget fancy restaurants, the Chole Bhatore at this old street stall will blow your mind. The bhochars are soft and crunchy and will leave you craving for more. Apart from Chole Bhature, one can also try Matar Kulcha here.
Chicky’s Momos: If you love momos in Jinpath, then there is no better place than Chicky’s Momos. The food joint offers authentic steamed and fried momos in chicken, paneer and veg options.

Just walk down the street, and you’ll find rows upon rows of eateries across the street. Indian and international food brands have rented out space across the street. You can either eat your favorite ‘sev’ varieties at Haldiram’s or Bikaner, McDonald’s opp Metro Station a (cheap and good to go! The french fries and chicken burgers are good for any time of the day. The place is actually surrounded by lot of other shops so perfect for shopping and eating with friends). or grab a cup of espresso at Cafe Coffee Day – the choice is yours.

Janpath Market CP Delhi Nearest Metro Station & How to Reach

There are transfer options available between Delhi International Airport and Janpath Market CP Delhi.

By Metro: From Indira Gandhi International Airport take the Metro Orange Line and get off at Shivaji Stadium. From Shivaji Stadium, you have to walk for the next 15 minutes till you reach your final destination – Janpath Market. Cost You around – 30 to 60 INR per person

By Bus: Start your bus journey from Indira Gandhi International Airport and get down at Palika Kendra. After getting down, walk for the next 9 minutes to reach your final destination – Janpath Market. Cost – 20 to 30 INR per person

By Road: Janpath Market is located at a distance of 18.9 km from Delhi International Airport. You can either opt for a hired taxi ride or drive yourself to reach Janpath Market. It will take you just 19 minutes to travel between the two destinations.

Janpath Market CP Delhi Famous For/ Best Tips Reach Time

The Gujarati and Tibetan markets are the two main streets at Janpath market.CP Delhi

Janpath Market CP Delhi Tips for Shopping

You’ll find both shops here – one that tags your goods with a fixed price tag and another where you’re free to bargain. So, if you have bargaining power and want to buy goods at a reasonable price, go for untagged shops. Janpath Market CP Delhi is not just for you. bargaining is encouraged in these shops but remember not to overdo it.

Janpath Market CP Delhi is closed on Sunday

Janpath Market CP Delhi Near by Place to See

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