female tourist guide in delhi

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi for Woman and Solo Travelers.

Female tourist guide in delhi
Female Tourist Guide in Delhi for Woman and Solo Travelers in India

Why am I being to write for Female Tourist Guide in Delhi.

Harry is a GovernmenLicensed Tourist Guide in India. I am guiding and entertaining foreign tourists from the last twenty years. I am boned and brought up in Delhi. So, it’s my city and I have both love and hate relation ships with it. Being a passion of exploring corners of the city meeting people listening to their stories was since my school days. Latter I got my tourist guide education from India Travel Tourism Institute. From Indian National Trust of Art culture Heritage, I undergone the tanning of a Heritage Walk Leader.

Delhi is not only the capital of India but also a place that has successfully reached the pinnacle of modern technology and has preserved and kept alive its cultural heritage. There is something about it that will instantly make you fall in love with the city. Delhi is love, Delhi is haste, Delhi is serene, Delhi is chaos. The city also houses some of the most famous historical sites and UNESCO monuments, which are always full of tourists and visitors.

A Holiday in Delhi will let you experience the two sides of the city, one that has been preserving its culture and heritage and the other which thrive to touch the sky with its modern skyscrapers. the romance with the city begins. Known for its rich heritage and spiritual history, Delhi attracts a large number of religious tours.

Female tourist guide in Delhi
Jama Masjid is the Largest Mosque in India.

Delhi for the first time can be a difficult destination to travel to. These tips will help you find your way. The truth is that traveling in India will be little difficult than traveling to other countries. But you can feel overwhelmed by many locals and also tired sometimes, so it’s important to take care of yourself and be prepared for it. However, the experience of visiting India is priceless. You will see some incredibly beautiful scenery historical places, meet some unforgettable people and get acquainted with an interesting ancient culture.

India can be a little too busy, too busy and a little confusing at times. It will take you some time to adapt to the wonderful energy of this wonderful place and learn how to stay healthy, safe and sane. However, although India is not the easiest place to visit – it is one of the most rewarding. It really offers some remarkable and amazing places which are unlike anything in the world. It boasts of delicious food, incredible nature, warm and charismatic people and a rich cultural heritage that is a pleasure to explore with female Tourist Guide in Delhi

When you visit India for the first time you experience a cultural shock, there is no point of debate. Instead, prepare yourself and accept and understand those things.

So, to help you make the most of your trip to India, here are some smart tips and tricks you should know before you go. Harry is a Private Delhi tour guide for Female Tourist Guide in Delhi.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi advise:

Wear mask and Carry Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper, with you, as they are rarely found in public washrooms.

Female tourist guide in delhi
Female travelers enjoying at Taj Mahal

Avoid Public Displays of Affection:

If you’re traveling with your partner, avoid hugging, kissing, or holding hands in public. This type of public display of love is considered inappropriate in Indian culture and will be condemned. Keep your affections discreet out of respect for the locals is advice as a Female Tourist Guide in Delhi

 Female Tourist Guide in Delhi 
Best Female Tourist Guide in Delhi : Red Fort

Why visit Delhi? as Female Tourist Guide in Delhi

As a Female Tourist Guide in Delhi, City as a capital has the maximum number of visitors in India. And it is from these cities that they collect their first impressions. Unfortunately, Delhi doesn’t always make a good first impression I love the city and I hope you will try it.  An ancient city with a storied past, Delhi is one of the most historical cities on earth. It also has a very vibrant present as the capital of the world’s largest democracy.

As a Female Tourist Guide in Delhi advise Personally, Delhi is a wonderful city. As well as being away from home, I find it inspiring and endlessly fascinating. Like Rome, Delhi is an eternal city. It is not only the capital of modern India, but it has also been the capital of at least seven former civilizations, each of which has left traces of monuments. It is also a very green city, which is surrounded by wide, green streets. And it is the cultural heart and political center of the country. Apart from this, Delhi is called the Garden of Happiness and the Paradise of the Shoppers. In other words, there are tons of things to do in Delhi, and so many reasons to love the city.

 Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: What to do in Delhi? How can a first time travel in Delhi?

Finding Delhi is like a dance of seven curtains. The city is made up of layers and layers of history, landmarks, monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, markets, temples and beyond. Because Delhi is one of the most historic cities on Earth – it has been the capital of at least seven major civilizations – it can take time to understand. In this post I have tried to download all my best tips for traveling to Delhi.

Many people wonder how many days they need to experience Delhi. I personally think you can walk around Delhi for weeks, months and even years. In fact, I did it myself! But for most people, I recommend a three-day trip to Delhi.

The top things to do in Delhi /Most visiting places in Delhi

Female tourist guide in delhi
Ladies are Enjoying Beautiful Gardens at Raj Ghat Mahatma Gandhi

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi advise you to have a tourist map in your mobile.

What to do in Delhi and what are the best places to visit in Delhi? Of course, these are common questions, but the answer is very simple. Delhi is big enough to deal with all at once. Every day, pick an area, such as Old, New or South Delhi, and go for a walk. Delhi needs at least three full days to get an idea of ​​the city. There is no end to the breathtaking views of historical sites, markets, restaurants, parks and streets that you will find. Here are some of my favorites – this is my must-see list for Delhi. Yes, it’s not possible to cover all tourist attractions in one-day Delhi sightseeing,

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: 2 days to visit best places in Delhi /New Delhi.

Old Delhi

  • Red Fort
  • Markets of Chandni Chowk also enjoy Rikshaw Ride Book Your Tour
  • Jama Masjid: the largest Mosque in India
  • Raj Ghat: Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

New Delhi (Central Delhi)

  • India Gate: Land Mark of Central Delhi
  • Humayun’s Tomb: UNESCO monument
  • Connaught Place: An open space Market
  • Janpath market: to Hang around see some souvenirs
  • Lodhi Garden Walk and Khan Market: Book Your Tour
  • Gandhi Smriti (Gandhi Museum)
  • Sarojini Market: A market for middle class
  • Purana Qila: Old fort

South Delhi

  • Dilli Haat: Craft Bazaar
  • Hauz Khas Village: Monument and Boutique shopping
  • Lotus Temple: Bahai’s Temple
  • Qutab Minar: Tallest Stone Tower
  • Mehrauli Heritage Walk Book your Tour.
  • GK 1 N-block market (shopping for women’s clothes)
  • Dastkar Nature Bazaar (better than Dilli Haat)

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: suggests you to walk Carefully Walking on the Sidewalk.

You will notice that on many of the streets in Delhi, just a traffic jam of, motorbikes, rickshaws, people and stray dogs trying to move without colliding with each other. This is why it is essential to watch your feet when you are walking and be aware of your surroundings.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi : Where to go for shopping in Delhi Bazaars.

Delhi is a shopper’s paradise, a city full of markets, shops, shopping centers and street stalls. As a Delhi Tourist Guide, I often advise people to wait till the end of their trip and spend two days shopping in Delhi. There are even shopping tours you can take. You can read a lot more about shopping in India and what to buy here.

Sarojini Nagar Market is favorite among Meddle class

For better shopping, Khan Market is a one-stop shopping center in central Delhi, popular among foreigners and the diplomatic community. More traditional markets offer more intense and exciting experiences – try Sarojini Nagar Market Bazaar for clothing, Janpath Bazaar for mementoes and gift items and Lajpat Nagar market Bazaar for home furnishings. The Delhi haat bazaar is a popular place for tourists to buy souvenirs at fixed prices. But I like Dastakar Nature Bazaar near Chattarpur metro station in South Delhi (Mehrauli). They have fared every month (check out the Craftsman Nature Bazaar website for dates) and stalls are filled with beautiful crafts, textiles, jewelry and more – and most of them are fair trade.  check your conversion rate, and count it carefully. It happens very often that someone will make a “mistake” and give you back the wrong amount of change. Be aware at places such as the money exchange offices at the bazaar or airport counters, , it is better to get your money from the ATM as they are the safest and they will have the best possible exchange rates.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: What should I avoid in Delhi? Is Delhi safe?

As a Delhi Tourist Guide for Female and Solo Travelers, and a Best Tourist Guide in India, Unfortunately, Delhi has the reputation of being the most unsafe city in India. It is huge, with a population of 20 million or more. The city has many rural refugees who are at times disillusioned and disillusioned with urban life. So, crime comes naturally. However, as a tourist living in a safe area, you will not face any problem if you take proper precautions.

As a Delhi Tourist Guide, and I’ve only had a few negative experiences: a man pickpocketed my wallet while I was on a cycle rickshaw in Old Delhi, sometimes Uber driver drive me around for 30 minutes to raise the fare, a guy in Connaught Place put some dirt on my shoes. It wasn’t pleasant, but I never felt threatened or unsafe. People come close on the public transport to touch my body from behind.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: Best Time to Visit

Delhi should be best explored during winters when it witnesses cold but moderately pleasant weather.

  • 25°C to 45°C Summer
  • 30°C to 35°C Monsoon
  • 05°C to 25°C Winter

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi for Woman and Solo Travelers: Top tips for women.

My top safety travel tips are to stay in central Delhi with big hotels, or in south Delhi, the highest rated residential area; Be very careful while traveling at night, just take a famous taxi. Beware of touts, especially in Connaught Place keep some small tokens for beggars just in case. Don’t go to Old Delhi alone. If you are a woman, keep in mind that men will try to talk to you, take selfies with you – be very careful. If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s best to ignore them or leave.  one of the common experiences that many tourists in Delhi encounter is the “Delhi Belly.” No matter how careful you may be, your body will not be used to the array of different bacteria that is in the water and food in India. Delhi tourist guide advice to have diarrhoea medication with you. And in the beginning, you go for less spice’s food. Also make sure that you inspect the water before purchasing. Most of the water bottles will have a plastic seal on it.  Biselri, Aquafina, Kinley, Bailey, and Vedica are all reliable brands.   Most Indians are vegetarian and the vegetarian food available in India is diverse, healthy, fresh and delicious. Many travellers choose to eat vegetarian during their visit because it reduces your risk of getting sick. Delhi is an excellent food city, with an appealing mix of historic restaurants, brand-new joints and pop-ups repping global food trends, excellent regional Indian cuisine, and cheap, delicious round-the-clock street food.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: How to get around Delhi/ New Delhi.

Due to traffic, getting around Delhi can take some time, so it is important to plan your excursions. Taxi apps like Ola and Uber are the best way to arrange a taxi – and they are cheaper than taxi stands. As a Delhi Tourist Guide, I advise to take Metro which covers many parts of the city.  you can also buy a rechargeable Metro card at any station. Travel between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Delhi Metro air conditioning makes it easy to get around Delhi with ease, so you no longer have to live in the middle of the city. Don’t be afraid to use it, especially during the day, whether you are a woman traveling alone in Delhi or traveling to the city for the first time. There is a lady’s car at the end of each train with clear pink signs on it so you know where to stand. I’ve taken the subway count several times and never had any problems or bad experiences (except it’s very busy during rush hour).

If you are not going very far, you can always take an autorickshaw, also known as Tuk Tuk. Delhi autos are notorious for charging exorbitant prices from foreign tourists, so find out and negotiate the “real” price.

Another great option is to rent a car and driver for the day, which is a surprisingly affordable way to explore many parts of the city without expending a lot of energy. Best Tourist Guide in Delhi.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi :Dress to look more like a Delhiites.

Parts of India, especially small or religious towns, feel that showing skin is provocative. Both men and women travelers should have pants and avoid tank tops as clothes to wear in India. In India, attire for women (if you really want to look like a local) includes long skirts that go down to the ankle instead of pants. While T-shirts are acceptable, always err on the side of modesty. Pack plenty of long-sleeved shirts; not only will you be showing respect, but you’ll also be protecting yourself from the sun.

Harry is Wearing Kurta Pajama with Tourist in the moderate out fits

Since the temperatures can soar during the summer months in India, Female Tourist Guide in Delhi advise ,be sure to pack light-weight cotton shirts and trousers.  Although the temperature may be warm in India, walking around in a short skirt or a low-on the top is not acceptable. It is a conservative destination and you will draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself when you dress in a revealing way.. Bring along lightweight long pants, shirts that cover your shoulders and a shawl or sarong to cover your cleavage.

Just because it’s recommended you wear pants and long sleeves doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. Speaking of packing light, India is one country that you shouldn’t overpack for. Laundry and clothes are cheap, so plan on washing and re-wearing your duds often and you’ll be able to buy new clothes. Traditional Can Be Good.

Yes, you are trying to look like a local, but this doesn’t always mean wearing traditional clothing in your country of choice. However, in India, buying and wearing traditional pieces is a good idea, especially if you plan on visiting temples and other religious sites. For women, saris, churidars, and kurtas are all good options. A sari is unstitched cloth that is wrapped around your body, you might be better off purchasing a kurta and churidar. A kurta is a long tunic that can be worn with churidar, or leggings that bunch at the ankle. For men, light-weight shirts and trousers can be found at a bargain in most cities

In Delhi, you shouldn’t only aim to cover your skin, but you should also be sure that your clothes aren’t clinging to your skin. The dress code in India for tourists and meaningful travelers plays fast and loose. Dressing modestly means not showing all of your curves or muscles. To be respectful and ward off any unwanted attention, pack loose-fitting clothes. This doesn’t mean you need to travel in a shirt twice your size; just leave the skin-tight stuff at home.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi: Heads covered at Religious Sites:

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi
At Sikh Temple { Bangla Sahib} covering Head is Mandatory
Female Tourist Guide in Delhi
At Jama Masjid Full Gowns are available to cover your self while visiting.

Some religious sites have specific requirements on what visitors can wear upon entering. For example, in Sikh temples, it is disrespectful to enter with an uncovered head. Luckily, many sites have scarves for visitors to borrow, but you can bring your own if you have one. In some Hindu temples, leather is prohibited. This includes belts, so do your research ahead of time and prepare accordingly. All religious sites require shoes to be left outside and knees and shoulders to be covered. Take Off Your Footwears Before Entering a Temple or a religious place. As a Female Tourist Guide in Delhi , I advise you to to wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off, like sandals. If you are worried about your shoes getting stolen from the front of the temple while you are inside, you can keep them in your backpack or give the temple attendant a few small rupees to keep an eye on them. At many of the temples and mosques, you may be convinced to make a donation or to buy a sacred offering. For example, a holy man might put a red dot on your forehead or wrap a string around your wrist, then ask you for offerings as money.

Female Tourist Guide in Delhi for Woman and Solo Travelers: Contact Number +91 9811500757

I hope this Information helps you in Visiting Delhi and its Neighborhoods Thank You


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