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Feroz Shah Kotla Fort: Jinn Haunted story, Ticket,Timings and Nearest Metro

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort : Overview A view of the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort in New Delhi. The city’s “ghost-riding” palaces and tombs, dark tombs, “occupied” streets, spooky trees, and “haunted” palaces and so many stories around them are attracting…

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Harry is The Best Tour Guide in India for Delhi Agar Jaipur Varanasi Udaipur

Delhi Tourist Guide for Woman and Solo Travelers

Delhi Tourist Guide for Woman and Solo Travelers Welcomes You. Delhi is not only the capital of India but also a place that has successfully reached the pinnacle of modern technology and has preserved and kept alive its cultural heritage….

Kotla Mubarakpur walk #1 Best Guide in Delhi

Kotla Mubarakpur walk, Today a  medieval urban village, is a popular bazaar for sanitary hardware’s and electrical goods with a densely populated residential colony is a small world in the south-central part of New Delhi. Which is dominated by the Besla…

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Nasiruddin Chirag-e-Delhi Dargah walk #1 Best Guide in Delhi

Chirag-e-Delhi हजरत नसीरुद्दीन महमूद चिराग ए दिल्ली की दरगाह आज एक बुजुर्ग सूफी संत की दरगाह Chirag-e-Delhi की सैर और हजारी करने का मन हुआ तो , रोशन चिराग ए देहली रहमतुल्लाह साहेब के यहां पहुंचना हुआ। अगर कभी आपका …

Agarsen ki Baoli Haunted story Ticket Time Metro

Agarsen ki baoli is a hidden monument in the heart of delhi