Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Old Delhi Heritage Walk Hang out place near Delhi University Mini Tibet in Delhi Restaurants at Majnu ka tilla

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro

Mini Tibet in Delhi Welcomes you to a (Buddhist monk community), a peaceful haven in Delhi. The Majnu ka Tilla is the home of lost souls. A hybrid of Bohemian, Tibetan and Korean cultural patterns. At dawn, the sky of Naples is beyond the narrow streets.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Majnu ka Tilla has been a panacea to refugees for decades. The streets are flooded with monks 

Majnu Ka Tila or Chung Town New Aruna Nagar, Delhi is a settlement for Tibetan refugees established in 1950.
It is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. The legal status of Mini Tibet in Delhi at Majnu-ka-tilla has previously come into dispute. In 1995, residents were “given a formal assurance from the Centre” that they would be allowed to remain at the site until the international dispute over Tibet was settled. The Mini Tibet in Delhi, like every other destination, is best explored with a friend. The neighborhood is thriving because of everything you love about it – whether it’s fashion, food, culture or the general environment and good vibes. Old Delhi Heritage Walk.

By 2000, Mini Tibet in Delhi ,colony had about 2,500 inhabitants in 378 family groups. Residents have strong ethnic identities: a recent influx of young adults from Tibet and a survey of young adult children of Tibetan refugees in Majnu Ka Tilla, all 100 identities.% As Tibetans, almost all wanted to marry Tibetans , And about 60% said that, more of their friends were Tibetans. They take great pride in their culture and heritage and try to inculcate it in the young generation.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
The narrow streets encompass the journey of life through the transcendental medium of art, where graffiti on the walls reflect the clandestine commerce of words left unsaid, encouraging the traveler to discover the world within.

Mini Tibet in Delhi: Monastery

Moving further into the labyrinth of narrow lanes, you’ll find the sacred Buddhist temple. where monks live who practice the Buddhist philosophy of Tibet. The temple is open to all, always lit-up with diyas with the fragrant aroma of incense sticks wafting about – a meditative space of harmonic oscillations between creative action and introspection.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
At the heart of the Mini Tibet in Delhi stands a Buddhist temple with a wide front yard, crowded by people clicking pictures of the quintessential Tibetan architecture

Mini Tibet in Delhi: Prayer Wheel

A cylindrical wheel at the court yard opposite the monastery, mini Tibet in Delhi, on a spindle made of metal, wood, stone, leather or coarse cotton, widely used in Tibet and areas where Tibetan culture is predominant.

Traditionally, a mantra is written in the Ranjana script or Tibetan script. The mantra Om Mani Padma is the most commonly used, but other mantras can be used as well.

In addition, sometimes Dakini, guards and often eight auspicious symbols (ashtamangala) are also shown. In the center of the cylinder is a “tree of life” often made of wood or metal, around which certain mantras are written or wrapped. Several thousand (or in the case of large prayer wheels, millions) of mantras are re-wrapped around this tree of life.

According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, rotating such a wheel would have the same effect as praying orally, depending on the text relative to the prayer wheels. The first prayer wheels, which are driven by wind, have been used in Tibet and China since the fourth century.[1] The concept of the prayer wheel is a physical manifestation of the phrase “turning the wheel of Dharma”, which describes the way in which the Lord Buddha taught.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
A few kilometers from the North Campus of Delhi University, you can find this hidden gem – ‘Mini Tibet in Delhi’. At first glance, it was as if one has been sent to another land. Music, fragrance, people – the whole scene changes once you enter the colony. People visiting here usually sit at these restaurants after a long stroll down the narrow shopping lanes

Majnu Ka Tilla Gurudwara

Gurdwara Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tila Sahib is located on Khyber Pass Road and Outer Ring Road in front of Timarpur Colony in Delhi.

Majnu Ka Tilla Gurdwara is one of the old Sikh Gurudwara in Delhi. ‘Majnu Ka Tilla’ meaning ‘a hill of Majnu’ Iranian Sufi Abdullah, also known as Majnu (Crazy in Love), met Sikh Guru Nanak Dev on 20 July 1505. Majnu, hermit, crossed the Yamuna free for the people in the name of God. Gurdwara Majnu Tilla is situated on the right bank of Yamuna River opposite Timarpur Colony.
History of Majnu ka Tilla was built by Sikh military leader Baghel Singh Dhaliwal to commemorate the establishment of Guru Har Gobind in 1783 at the invitation of Guru Nanak Devji and later Emperor Jahangir.
One day Guru Nanak came to Majnu while walking by the river and gave his blessings to this weak guardian. After attaining the long-sought wisdom, Majnu became a devoted disciple of the great Guru. While Guru Nanak was camping on this hill, many Sufi elders from Delhi came to meet Guruji and had spiritual talks with him. Prominent among those who came to pay their respects to the Guru was Hazrat Nizamuddin, the Sajjad Nashin (spiritual guide) of the Saints’ Dargah, who deeply influenced his conversation with Guru Nanak. Many people were attracted to this place by the divine personality of Majna. In fact, his radiant spirit and devoted love for his Guru made this temple an excellent missionary center for centuries.

It is said that after Guru Nanak Dev blessed Majnu, he was so pleased with Majnu’s devotion that he said to his new devotee, “Your name will live on forever”. Hence the Gurdwara was named Majnu Ka Tilla in the sacred memory of this one-time Muslim saint.

Mini Tibet in Delhi: Cafes and Restaurants

This place is a food paradise with lots of dining options. Visit the TD Restaurant, located on the first floor of the TD Cyber ​​Cafe. This restaurant is famous not only for its momos but also for guma (blood sauce with yak or sheep blood and roasted barley flour or rice for rice filling), try Dolma House Restaurant. Try their fried momos and chili chowmein once here, just outside the market on Chamomile Lane you will find Hot Yak Cafe, which specializes in making a variety of momos like Buff Momo, Fried Momo, Swimming Momo. Make sure you try the Thantok (cold soup with noodles and vegetables) which is offered here in different varieties.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Tee Dee Café at Mini Tibet in Delhi. IN the crowded streets of Majnu Ka Tilla, walls have been painted red to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet. On the walls was written, “Indo-Tibet border, not India-China border.” In the national capital, ‘Mini Tibet’ echoes the demands of an independent Tibet. In addition, a portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama hangs at the top inside every shop.
Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Mini Tibet in Delhi, is a paradise for foodies. You’ll find authentic Tibetan and Chinese Cuisine here. popular for Tibetan breakfast and my go-to place at Majnu ka Tila. Although the restaurant opens at 9:30 am, they start serving around 11:00 am. Therefore, plan your visit accordingly. Shabalay, Shapta, Tingmo, Momos, Stuffed bread and non-alcoholic Fruit beer are a few of the must-try dishes at Tee Dee. 

Majnu Ka Tilla ( Mini Tibet in Delhi) is the place for good, cheap food. Most of the restaurants are run by Tibetans, and while conversations can get difficult sometimes, the food is always amazing.

Mini Tibet in Delhi: Shopping

Majnu Ka Tilla, popularly known as the Mini Tibet in Delhi. One of the most popular hangouts of DU students, the area is best known for its Tibetan restaurants that offer tempting authentic delights. We take you on a walk-through Majnu Ka Tilla. Coming to culture, Mini Tibet in Delhi has a small monastery and a Buddhist temple. There are many shops here that sells Tibetan handicrafts, food items like herbal tea and even Tibetan herbal cosmetics (try their tea and oil for a number of ailments). Mini Tibet in Delhi, is home to many guest houses and budget hotels, which makes it popular with tourists. Call Best Delhi Tour Guide.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Don’t miss out on the jewelry shops selling traditional designs in gold and silver lucky charms and unique bags at Mini Tibet in Delhi.

Mini Tibet in Delhi : Laping

As soon as you enter the market you’ll find small stalls selling ‘laping‘ is a dish that you can have dry or with soup. Tibetan Laphing is spelt out in a variety of ways, some calls it Laping, some calls it Laffi and many other dialects. Laphing recipe constitutes very few ingredients, this dish has a classic flavour of chilli oil and garlic.

Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
Laping is 50/ for one Roll cut and served.
Majnu ka Tilla Mini Tibet in Delhi Reach Metro
At Mini Tibet in Delhi, all things Korean, led by its vibrant entertainment industry. Korean culture is duly reflected here as several shops selling Korean products 

Mini Tibet in Delhi: How to Reach

Nearest Metro Station – Vidhan Sabha on Yellow Line

Majno’s Hill is just a rickshaw ride from Delhi University (North Campus), Kashmiri Gate or Vidhan Sabha. The nearest metro station to Majno Ka Tila is Vidhan Sabha (Yellow Line / Jahangirpuri-Hada). You can also get off at Vishwa Vidyalaya or Kashmiri Gate metro stations to reach Majno Ka Tila.

You have to transfer from Central Secretariat Station to Yellow Line and then exit Vidhan Sabha Metro Station. The distance to this metro station is only 1.8 km. Far from the mound of madmen. You can take an auto or a rickshaw from Vidhan Sabha to Majnu Ka Tila. This is a 10 minute walk. Auto fare is Rs. 10-20.



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